Presbyterian Congregations United in Christ by Mission

Saturday Prayer Requests


Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.” John 8:12

Throughout the Gospel of John, Jesus makes what seem like nonsensical statements like “whoever follows me will never walk in darkness,” telling a grown man that he has to be “born again,” and telling a woman he will give her an eternal “fountain of living water.”

Of course, Jesus didn’t mean any of these statements literally.  He wasn’t promising that we would never need a flashlight or a glass of water.  Instead, he was speaking about something that is deep and true but yet difficult to see.

Following God sometimes feels “nonsensical” like Jesus’ statements.  How do you follow a God who is invisible? How can I make sense of a man who died and rose again?  Where is God in the midst of the suffering and pain in the world?

Yet Jesus’ words to us contain seeds of hope.  He says, that “whoever follows me” will have the “light of life.”  Each of us is invited on a path that follows Jesus and that illuminates our darkness.  Regardless of where we come from, Iowa, New York, or the farthest place on the planet, God is with us and desires to lead us in the light.

Of course, the light of Christ doesn’t give anyone a simple answer to life’s hardest questions and it isn’t some kind of special knowledge. The light of Christ, however, does give us confidence.  In the path of light we find forgiveness of sins and grace for our failures. In the light of Christ, we find that all the pain and blemishes of our lives that we have been desperately trying to hide begin to heal.  And in the light of Christ, we are drawn together and sent out.  It send us to the homes of people who were once strangers, to the widows of our congregations, to the hungry and the abused, and to every place where the light of life does not shine bright.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for strength, patience, and endurance as we enter our final work day.
  • Pray for the team and congregations as we prepare to worship together tomorrow.
  • Pray the team leaders as they prepare for the entertainment and fellowship events tomorrow.
  • Pray for the owners of houses that we have built friendships with over these last days.
    • Specifically pray for Joan and Vinny as they await test results to confirm that Vinny’s cancer has remained in remission.
    • In addition, pray for the Dennis family.